What does your organization celebrate? 

What does your organization celebrate?

What’s rarely celebrated, yet always should be, is when your buyers save money on purchases. Saving money provides more resources for an organization.

The smartest and simplest way to create savings on what you buy is to formalize and standardize a purchasing process. Check out this simple scenario:

A buyer at Organization X discovers the number of widgets she purchases from Corporation Z has tripled since she last negotiated a price. Yet despite that increased volume, Corporation Z hasn’t discounted Corporation X’s price. So Organization X’s buyer puts her widget purchase requirements out for bid to see who can lower her costs.

Imagine what happens when a buyer uses ProcureNetworks to accomplish this.

A buyer can create a standardized, detailed RFP that all vendors will understand. Everyone will be working from the same information and can submit a proposal based on this standardized RFP.

ProcureNetworks collects every vendor proposal in one spot, giving a buyer within the organization immediate access to all proposals which makes it far easier to analyze each proposal.

Collecting each of these proposals in one spot and making each proposal easily accessible and easier to analyze adds consistency and transparency to the process. All that data is stored for future comparisons and ends those time-consuming searches for missing or misplaced paperwork.

Give your buyers the tools they need to increase productivity and they’ll give you back increased savings. Increasing savings through a standardized purchasing process is cause for for your organization to celebrate!