Creating an RFP is easy. Wait, what?

I know you read that headline and thought, “Creating an RFP is awful! I’d rather make a snow angel in shards of glass!” Yep. Been there, done that. (Not the snow angel in glass shards, but the RFP hassles.) Despite the hassle, RFPs are worth it since they generally create cost savings. Cost savings can reach 10% to 15% when using a web-based RFP tool. That benefit alone makes an RFP worth it. But wait, there’s more:

  1. RFPs mitigate risk. RFPs weed out potentially challenging vendors. How many times have you heard a vendor say, “We can do that.” You give them the business and…learn the hard way. When a vendor promises to deliver and doesn’t, your organization is put at risk. A standardized RFP documents and clarifies what vendors will do and how much work might be required to partner with them.
  1. RFPs provide a 10,000-foot view. Anyone in your organization can see all the pertinent information about every vendor at a glance. Having all the data in one place, in a single consistent format and readily accessible streamlines the decision making process.
  1. RFPs detail history for a clearer future. As you generate RFPs using ProcureNetworks, you build an information database for future purchasing events. Since every organization makes major purchases at least every few years, it’s valuable to have previous proposals available—especially if you weren’t pleased with the vendor you last worked with. And you retain the pricing that was made available in each proposal, which gives you important business intelligence.

When all of this information is managed using printed documents, emails, spreadsheets, pads of notebooks, etc. that data could get misplaced. Losing that valuable data is a missed opportunity. That’s why ProcureNetworks keeps all that data in once place for you and your organization.

The entire RPF process is managed online using a standardized process, where all the data is easily-accessible. RFPs didn’t use to be easy to create, but ProcureNetworks now makes the entire process much easier for you.