Clouds and Clarity

Why would a company want to “work in the cloud”? It signals that a company uses a flexible, accessible-from-anywhere software solution that outperforms traditional office-based systems. Check out these benefits:

  1. Lower cost: Cloud computing solutions (a.k.a. “software as a service” or SaaS) cost far less than software a company would install because all the software is online. Compatibility with your business’s hardware is never an issue because all that’s required is Internet access. Since cloud computing is a service, it’s billed in smaller increments, compared to the pain of buying software that you have to install. And maintain. And upgrade. Oh, and upgrade your hardware as the software grows in size!
  1. Implementation is super easy: Cloud computing eliminates hardware upgrades. And it eliminates the need for long, boring training classes. Implementation is fast and in many cases, a company can be live in a day and using a cloud-based service like ProcureNetworks.
  1. Always up-to-date: Cloud computing eliminates the need for software upgrades or time-consuming system restarts because the latest software version is always running and being improved in the background.
  1. Always accessible: You can access your data from work, home, car (as the passenger, of course), or by smartphone. Wherever you have an internet signal and the desire to work, you can access ProcureNetworks. Your data is secure, encrypted and stored somewhere other than a computer that could get hacked or stolen.
  1. Easy collaboration: Buyers and Sellers can work together easily because everyone is on the same page using the same software. Purchasing cycles and sales cycles are improved, major time savings cost savings are realized and smiles are everywhere.

The benefits of the cloud are clear.